OrthoUrgicare! After Hours Clinic

Because injuries are not always convenient…Accidents happen and many times they happen after your physician’s office is closed. Is it sprained, strained or broken? About the only way to know is to head to the Emergency Room. The ER can be a busy place and when you get there you could end up sitting for hours next to someone who is coughing, sneezing or running a fever.

Orthopaedic Associates is happy to announce that you NOW HAVE A CHOICE!

If your son or daughter gets hurt at practice… if grandmother falls down the steps… or if you fall off of a ladder, just come directly to Orthopaedic Associates new after hours clinic – ORTHO URGICARE! These services are offered at Orthopaedic Associates main clinic at 619 Pointe North Boulevard.

NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY! OrthoUrgicare will evaluate and treat your injury and you may only have to pay your insurance co-pay for an office visit – not a high deductible often times encountered at the ER. OrthoUrgicare sees patients Monday thru Thursday from 5pm to 8pm, Friday until 5pm, and Saturday from 9am to 12pm.

Don’t add insult to injury – go to OrthoUrgicare After Hours Clinic at Orthopaedic Associates for excellence in Orthopaedic Care!